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House of Cards : Frank Underwood joue à Pile ou Face

House of Cards Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey monologue season 5 episode 5

Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) dans l’épisode 5 de la saison 5 de la série House of Cards : ‘It’s resolved by the toss of a coin’.

Au début de l’épisode 5 de la saison 5, Frank Underwood se promène devant la Maison Blanche, où une foule s’est massée pour protester contre les résultats anormaux de l’élection présidentielle (le Président n’a pas été élu, et les deux candidats doivent encore être départagés par le Parlement) et scande : « Not my President! Not my President! ». Comme s’il interprétait Richard III, Kevin Spacey s’adresse directement au public dans un monologue.  Il y résume la situation politique chaotique avec délectation, avant d’annoncer ses plans machiavéliques, qui visent sa nomination finale… à pile ou face ! Une méthode (‘flipism‘) qu’il dit avoir empruntée à Donald Duck

Flip Decision Donald Duck comic book Flipism Carl Barks

Planche extraite de la bande-dessinée Flip Décision de Carl Barks (1952), où Donald Duck découvre les avantages de la méthode de décision à Pile ou Face (‘Flipism‘ en anglais).

The people are angry. Nine weeks ago, we had an election in this country, but because two States refused to certify, neither myself nor Conway received the 270 electoral votes required for victory. So they gather here every morning to exercise their magnificent right, guaranteed by the First Amendment… to let their angry voices be heard.

And so, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and half of January have come and gone, and all three branches of government are in crisis. The Congress is in disarray, the Supreme Court is down a Justice and doomed to deadlock, and the executive branch is without a boss.

You see, my feeling is, I think the Founding Fathers, they just got tired. And really, can you blame them? I mean, you can’t think of everything. Black swans, Murphy’s Law. I mean, at a certain point, you just have to sign off, and cross you goddam fingers and hope for the best. Or adopt « flipism », a pseudo-philosophy of life in which the most important decisions are made by the flipping of a coin. It was introduced in the Disney comic book, Flip Decision, one of my favorites, in which Donald Duck is persuaded by Professor Batty, to make all the important decisions based on the flipping of a coin.

« Life is but a gamble, let Flipism guide your ramble. »

We’ve had this sort of trouble before. The election of 1800, Jefferson versus Burr. They wound up in a tie. 73 electoral votes each. That was the number required then, and that’s when Congress tried to address what the Founding Fathers just couldn’t imagine. And, poof, the Twelfth Amendment was born. And it says, that if the states don’t certify, it’s the House that chooses the President and the Senate that chooses the Vice-President. Now the House is a bit of a mess, but the Senate is rather democratic in how they choose the VP. One person, one vote. But if there’s a tie… and this is where Donald Duck comes in, it’s resolved… by the toss a coin. A solution that’s elegant as hell. But then there’s no elegance in modern politics. It’s mostly hell.

The identity of the next President of these United States is once again in the hands of a bunch of self-serving, money-hungry, boot-licking, power-seeking politicians, who can be seduced or sucker punched or blackmailed into submission. And all I need is just one more vote than the other guy.

As you can see, the Founding Fathers didn’t plan for this. (He tosses a coin.) But I did. (He throws the coin away.) Meet you new daddy.

House of Cards Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey monologue season 5 episode 5

(traduction en français à venir) 

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