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Lusting After Pipino’s Wife : Lorraine monologue chez le psy

Phoebe Waller-Bridge FleabagLorraine est une jeune femme perturbée. Elle a du mal à nouer de vraies relations avec les gens, et, spécialement, avec les hommes. Lorraine en fait ici la démonstration chez son psy… (Une traduction en français suit le texte original en anglais.)

Version originale

LORRAINE: I’m just so…I’m just so…So what? Could you help me here? I’m just so what? Obviously I’m having a little difficulty filling in the blanks—completing the thought process. So you’re the doctor. What the fuck am I trying to say? I mean, you’re a doctor, aren’t you? Do you have a degree? Do you have an answer? Ok, look… I believe all the answers are out there for me. The problem is… The problem has been, that I’ve failed to recognize them. I’m sure they’ve all but slapped me in the mouth—And I just don’t see it. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s one thing not to have any idea what I’m looking for—It’s another to realize I’m looking for something, to possibly know what it is, to feel it’s there…Right there…And yet…And yet, what? (She sits up) What are you, a fuckin’ mute? What’s the point of all this—To see how many stupid things you can get me to say? You know I’m not making any sense, I know I’m not making any sense, we’ll both seemingly never find out, if you have any sense at all…One more thing—I’ve been meaning to say this for several weeks now…There’s a severe odor emanating from your side of the room. It’s probably affecting my thought process. Some individuals are highly sensitized to smell. This sort of problem has not received enough publicity in the medical journals…A doctor who stinks—Someone who has a death-like stench about him can bring on some form of mental incapacity in a patient…Sometimes without the patient’s knowledge. This is absolutely true. On one hand, please don’t take it personnally. An don the other hand, you must do something to rectify the problem. No, no…Cracking the window will not solve the problem here. I’m talking about my fuckin’ sanity. Do you understand! You must take a shower! You must clean yourself carefully! You are dealing with a human being here. I am not cattle… (Pause) Yes…Okay… (She stands up) See you next week.

Version française

(à venir)

Scène comique tirée de Lusting After Pipino’s Wife, Sam Henry Kass. N’oubliez pas qu’il est impossible de travailler un texte sans l’œuvre complète.

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