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Fenêtre sur cour d’Alfred Hitchcock : Jeff et Lisa (1)

Rear Window Grace Kelly James Stewart Hitchcock

James Stewart (Jeff) et Grace Kelly (Lisa) dans Fenêtre sur cour d’Alfred Hitchcock (1954).

A la suite d’un accident, le photographe Jeff Jeffries (James Stewart) est cloué dans un appartement new yorkais. Il passe le temps de sa convalescence à observer la vie de ses voisins, depuis une fenêtre qui donne sur la cour. La ravissante Lisa (Grace Kelly) devrait occuper toute son attention, mais Jeff n’est pas prêt pour le mariage, et trouve la jeune femme trop éloignée de son mode de vie. Voici une scène de couple magnifique ! (Ci-dessous le script original en anglaisTraduction en français à venir.)

LISA : There can’t be that much difference between people and the way they live! We all eat, talk, drink, laugh, sleep, wear clothes —

JEFF : (Raises both his hands) Well now, look —

LISA : If you’re saying all this just because you don’t want to tell me the truth, because you’re hiding something from me, then maybe I can understand —

JEFF : There’s nothing I’m hiding. It’s just that —

LISA : (Won’t let him break in) It doesn’t make sense to me. What’s so different about it here from over there, or any place you go, that one person couldn’t live in both places just as easily?

JEFF : Some people can. Now if you’ll let me explain —

LISA : (Ignores him) What is it but traveling from one place to another, taking pictures? It’s just like being a tourist on an endless vacation.

JEFF : All right. That’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it, but —

LISA : It’s ridiculous for you to say that it can only be done by a special, private little group of anointed people.

JEFF : I made a simple, but true statement and I’ll back it up, if you’ll just shut up for a minute!

LISA : If your opinion is as rude as your manner, I’m not sure I want to hear it.

JEFF : (Soothing her) Lisa, simmer down — will you?

LISA : (Something starts her up again) You can’t fit in here — I can’t fit in there. According to you, people should be born, live an die on the same —

JEFF : (Loud, sharp) Lisa! Shut up! (Slight pause) Did you ever eat fish heads and rice?

LISA : Of course not.

JEFF : You might have to, if you went with me. Ever try to keep warm in a C-54, at fifteen thousand feet, at twenty below zero?

LISA : Oh, I do that all the time. Whenever I have a few minutes after lunch.

JEFF : Ever get shot at, run over, sandbagged at night because people got unfavorable publicity from your camera? (She keeps silent) Those high heels would be a lot of use in the jungle — and those nylons and six-ounce lingerie —

LISA : (Quickly) Three.

JEFF : Well, they’d be very stylish in Finland — just before you froze to death. Begin to get the idea?

LISA : If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to wear the proper clothes.

JEFF : Huh? Try and find a raincoat in Brazil. Even when it isn’t raining. Lisa, on this job you carry one suitcase. Your home is the available transportation. You sleep rarely, bathe even less, and sometimes the food you even look at when they were alive!

LISA : Jeff, you don’t have to be deliberately repulsive just to impress me I’m wrong.

JEFF : If anything, I’m making it sound good. (A thoughtful pause) Let’s face it, Lisa… you aren’t  made for that kind of a life. Few people are.

LISA : You’re too stubborn to argue with.

JEFF : I’m not stubborn! I’m truthful!

LISA : (With sarcasm) I know. A lesser man would have told me it was one long holiday — and I would have awakened to a rude disillusionment.

JEFF : Now if you want to get vicious, I’d be very happy to accommodate you!

LISA : (Wearily) No. I don’t particularly want that. (She turns, faces him) So that’s it. You won’t stay here — I can’t go with you.

JEFF : It would be the wrong thing.

LISA : You don’t think either one of us could ever change?

JEFF : Right now, it doesn’t seem so.

LISA : (Simply) I’m in love with you. I don’t care what you do for a living. Somehow I would just like to be part of it.

Jeff starts to say something then thinks better of it, and remains silent. Lisa pauses in the act of gathering her things together.

LISA : And it’s deflating to find out that the only way I can be part of it — is to take out a subscription to your magazine. I guess I’m not the girl I thought I was.

JEFF : There’s nothing wrong with you, Lisa. You have the town in the palm of your hand.

LISA : (Looks at Jeff) Not quite — it seems. (Tosses a stole over her shoulder) Goodbye, Jeff.

JEFF : You mean « goodnight. »

LISA : I mean what I said.

JEFF : Lisa! Can’t we just sort of keep things — status quo?

LISA : Without any future?

JEFF : Well — when’ll I see you again?

LISA : Not for a long time. Not, at least until — tomorrow night.

She continues smiling as she close the door softly behind her.

Dialogue extrait de Fenêtre sur cour (Rear Window) d’Alfred Hitchcock(1954). N’oubliez pas qu’il est impossible de travailler un texte sans l’œuvre complète. Vous pouvez acheter le film en ligne et le récupérer dans la librairie la plus proche via ce lien Place des Libraires : Fenêtre sur courAlfred Hitchcock

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