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Breaking Bad : Skyler éclate face à Hank

Breaking Bad Skyler HankSkyler attend une petite fille, son mari, atteint d’un cancer du poumon, se comporte très bizarrement, et sa soeur s’avère être cleptomane et mythomane… Alors, quand Hank, son beau-frère, vient lui demander d’être compréhensive avec sa frangine, Skyler éclate. (Le texte de la scène en anglais suit la traduction en français.) 

Version française

(à venir.)

Version originale 

Skyler is home. Hank knocks at the door. Skyler opens the door. 

HANK : Hi Skye. 

SKYLER : Hey, Hank. 

HANK : How you doing? Is this… This a bad time?

SKYLER : Hmm… No, come on in. 

HANK : I… I should have called first. I’m sorry. 

SKYLER : What can I do for you?

HANK : Maybe we ought… You wanna sit down first? [Hank sits.]

SKYLER : I don’t know Hank. It depens whether or not this is gonna be about Marie. [Hanks stands up.] Did she send you?

HANK : Hell, no. She’s barely even talking to me. That’s why I’m here, okay? Self-preservation. Big time. [He chuckles nervously.] Look… I know you gals have your ups and downs. I get it.

SKYLER : Gals…

HANK : And I need to get involved like I need a second hole in my ass. 

SKYLER : Ah ah…

HANK : But if you xould do me this huge favor and just return her calls. 

SKYLER : I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that yet. [She steps away.]

HANK : Communication. Communication, right? Back and forth. Come on! Skye, do this for me, please. You can yell at her. Just call her back. 

SKYLER : [Sighs intently.] Marie is a shoplifter, Hank. That’s right. That baby tiara she gave me at the shower? She stole it from Gertrude Zachary’s. Yeah. I almost got arrested when I went back to return it. And Marie won’t admit it. She won’t apologize. 

HANK : Yeah… I thought you were gonna return it, I would have never, you know…

SKYLER : You knew about this.

HANK : We’re… We’re working on this. I mean, she’s got this therapist, Dave. And, I mean, Dave is really good. 

SKYLER : Dave is good, yeah. 

HANK : But it’s an ongoing process, Skye… And we gotta be understanding, you know? I mean, we gotta, you know. We gotta support the shit out of her.

SKYLER : Oh… Do we?

HANK : Yeah. 

SKYLER : I need support. Me. The almost-40-year-old pregnant woman, with a surprise baby on the way. And a husband with a lung cancer, who disappears for hours, and I don’t know where he goes. And he barely even speaks to me anymore. With the moody son who does the same thing. And the overdrawn checking account. And the lukewarm water heater that leaks rusty-looking crap, and is rotting out the floor of the utility closet, and we can’t even afford to fix it. But, oh! I see! Now, I’m supposed to go ‘Hank, please, what can I possibly do to further benefit my spoiled, kleptomaniac, bitch sister, who somehow always manages to be the center of attention?’ Because God knows she’s the one with the really important problems! [Skyler starts to cry. Hank hugs her clumsily.]

HANK : Want me to take a look at that utility closet?

Dialogue pour une femme et un homme extrait de la série Breaking Bad, Saison 2, Episode 1. N’oubliez pas qu’il est impossible de travailler une scène sans connaître l’oeuvre intégrale.

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