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Coffee and Cigarettes de Jim Jarmusch : Cate et Shelly (Cate Blanchett)

Cate Blanchett Coffee and Cigarettes Jim Jarmusch Cousins film

Cate Blanchett dans Coffee and Cigarettes de Jim Jarmusch (2003).

Coffee and Cigarettes est un film en noir et blanc de Jim Jarmusch qui regroupe, comme son nom l’indique, 11 sketches dont l’action se situe au-dessus d’un café et pas très loin d’un paquet de cigarettes. Dans cette scène intitulée « Cousins« , Cate Blanchett joue son propre rôle et se dédouble (grâce à un effet spécial) pour interpréter sa cousine Shelly. (Ci-dessous le dialogue en VO, suivi de l’extrait vidéo. Traduction en français à venir.)

Cate attend dans le salon d’un hôtel.

CATE : Hi, so nice to see you!

SHELLY : You, too!

CATE : It’s been ages!

SHELLY : Yeah, yeah… I mean, last time, what? It was a couple of years ago in Sydney, wasn’t it?

CATE : Really, was that two years ago? Wow… How are Jeff and Beryl?

SHELLY : Oh, you know, same old, same old. They’re… still stuck in their odd little parental ways. So you’re not with Mr. Cate and the baby on this trip?

CATE : No, no… Unfortunately not, I’m by myself. I’ll see them next week.

SHELLY : Everyone’s good?

CATE : Yeah, yeah…

SHELLY : OK. Yeah, I want a baby. At some point.

WAITER : What can I get for you?

SHELLY : What are you having, Catie?

CATE : Can I have an espresso, please? In a large cup?

SHELLY : Yeah, I’ll have an espresso, too, thanks. A double.

CATE : And can I have some hot milk on the side? And could you heat it?

WAITER : I think we can manage that.

CATE : Thank you.

SHELLY : I’m sorry I’m late. I know you haven’t got a lot of time.

CATE : Don’t worry about it. I just wish I could stay here longer.

SHELLY : Do you stay here overnight, or do you just do your press stuff here? Your junket.

CATE : No, I stay overnight. And I do the interviews here, too. I just think it’s easier. They do the interviews in my suite, in the room, upstairs. They’re setting up for the next interview… and I just thought maybe it would be nicer if we met down here. No, thanks, Shell. You’re not… you know… (Shelly offers Cate a cigaret.)

SHELLY : Oh! Go on! They’re not going to stop you smoking. There you go, cous’.

CATE : Thanks.

SHELLY : So you mean they give you this full-on hotel suite… and they also use it for your publicity?

CATE : Yeah…

SHELLY : Seems kind of cheap.

CATE : Well, it’s a suite… So they just divide up the room.

SHELLY : Yeah, but why couldn’t they get you a suite… and get another suite to do your press in?

CATE : It’s pretty low-budget, Shell, this thing I did.

SHELLY : Yeah, still. It’s pretty cheap, man.

WAITER : Can I get you anything else?

CATE : No, thanks. That’s great.

WAITER : You’re welcome.

SHELLY : Kind of weird getting in here. I almost didn’t… until they found out I was your cousin. There’re some photographer, paparazzi guys hanging out front. I guess they kind of follow you around, right?

CATE : You know, whatever so-called celebrities are around, I suppose.

SHELLY : God, that must be a real fucking drag sometimes, right? I mean, not like me. I’m free. Practically broke, but I’m completely free. No one’s stalking me, that’s for fucking sure. Except when they thought I was you. I got into this club once because they thought I was you. Then they found out I wasn’t and they asked me to leave. Pretty fucking rude. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, it must be fabulous. You got it all. You got a good husband, beautiful baby. Travel all over the world, stay in fancy hotels. Parties…

CATE : Yeah, well, you know what they say, « The grass is always greener. » So, how’s… Shit…uh… Johnny…


CATE : Jim…euh… Tommy. Sorry.

SHELLY : How is he? We broke up almost two years ago. Tommy, yeah. What a dickhead. Got a new boyfriend now. Lee. Remember? He’s in a band. Wrote you about him. He’s a pretty huge part of my life.

CATE : Sorry, Shell, I don’t think you did.

SHELLY : Yeah, I even sent you his fucking CD. Your assistant probably didn’t give it to you. It’s okay. It’s totally cool. I mean, I know how busy your life is.

CATE : Do you remember where you sent it?

SHELLY : No. I mean, one week you’re in LA… then you’re in London, then you’re in Sydney. I mean, you’re in a different fucking city every day of the week.

CATE : I’d love to hear the music. What does it sound like?

SHELLY : It’s really… kind of hard… and it’s industrial, kind of throbbing… I don’t think you’d get it.

CATE : What are they called?

SHELLY : They’re called Sqrl.

CATE : Squirrel.

SHELLY : No, Sqrl. You know, like they say it here. S-Q-U-R-L, with an umlaut over the « U. » Sqrl.

CATE : Sqrl. I get it. Right. So can I buy the CD until I find the one you sent?

SHELLY : No. Not yet. They recorded it independently, you know, so… But I think the record company’s gonna put it out finally. I think.

CATE : Well, I’m gonna have to find that CD so I can listen to it.

SHELLY : No… You’re not gonna find it.

CATE : Shell, that isn’t fair, actually.

SHELLY : It’s true. You’re not gonna find it.

CATE : Really?

SHELLY : I fucking know you’re not. Because I just remembered I didn’t… actually send it to you. I think… I just… sort of thought about sending it to you.

CATE : Oh! Almost forgot! (She gives Shelly a bag.) This is for you.

SHELLY : Thanks. What is it? (She opens the bag.) This is really expensive stuff. It must have cost hundreds. Yeah! Cool, thanks. I could use this stuff. Make me look like a movie star, right?

CATE : Cheers.

SHELLY : Cheers, gorgeous. Seriously, Catie, thanks for seeing me.

CATE : No, thanks for seeing me.

SHELLY : And thanks for all the fancy swag.

CATE : It’s nothing.

SHELLY : It is swag, isn’t it? They probably give you all kinds of free stuff: jewelry, clothes. Probably give you cars, right?

CATE : No, they don’t give me cars. They sometimes give me makeup, from time to time. But I just thought… I don’t know, I just wanted… Didn’t have time to go shopping.

SHELLY : No, really, it’s fine. I mean, it’s great. I can use it. It’s just funny, don’t you think? When you can’t afford something, it’s really expensive. And then when you can afford it, it’s free. Kind of backward, don’t you think?

CATE : The world’s a bit like that, I guess, in a lot of ways…

SHELLY : Speaking of paparazzi… I saw these photos of you the other day in the tabloids.

CATE : Don’t tell me that. Yuck. What was I wearing? (Her phone rings.) Sorry… Yeah? Hello? Hi, Lindsey. Yeah, I’m downstairs, in the coffee room, with my cousin Shelly. Oh, it’s already… Okay, yeah. I’ll be up in a minute. Bye.

SHELLY : Got to get back to work?

CATE : Yeah.

SHELLY : Back to the grind…

CATE : Do you want to come up to the room? It won’t be very interesting, but you’re welcome to come up.

SHELLY : What, and watch you do TV interviews and stuff? Like Entertainment Tonight?

CATE : Yeah… Well, maybe you can send me that CD, or a letter, or something.

SHELLY : Yeah, but you wouldn’t read it.

CATE : Stop it! I would if you actually sent it. I’ve really gotta go. Sorry. It was great seeing you. Have you got my numbers?

SHELLY : Yeah.

CATE : Take care. (She leaves.) And send my love to everyone.

SHELLY : Yeah, send my love to everyone, on your end. If they even remember me… Bye, Catie!

CATE : See you, Shell! (To the waiter.) Put that on my room and anything else she wants. (To Shelly.) Hey, maybe next time I’ll get to meet Lou!

SHELLY : Yeah. It’s Lee… (To the waiter.) Excuse me. Can I have a tequila? Thanks, a double, and the menu.

WAITER : I’m sorry, there’s no smoking in the lounge.

Cousins, extrait de Coffee and Cigarettes de Jim Jarmusch (2003). N’oubliez pas qu’il est impossible de travailler une scène sans connaître l’oeuvre intégrale. Vous pouvez acheter le film en ligne et le récupérer dans la librairie la plus proche via ce lien Place des Libraires : Coffret Jim Jarmusch : Coffee and CigarettesBroken Flowers Ghost Dog

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