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Captive (Alias Grace) : le monologue d’ouverture de Grace

Alias Grace Captive série Netflix Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon (Grace Marks) dans le premier épisode d’Alias Grace (Captive en VF)

Grace Marks est détenue au Pénitentier de Kingston depuis quinze années, où elle purge une peine pour meurtre. La jeune femme est une énigme qui fascine le monde extérieur,  et c’est elle-même qui l’annonce dès l’ouverture du premier épisode…

GRACE : I think of all the things that have been written about me, that I am an inhuman female demon, that I am an innocent victim of a blackguard, forced against my will and in danger of my own life, that I was to ignorant to know how to act, and that to hang me would be judicial murder, that I am well and decently dressed, that I robbed a dead woman to appear so, that I am of a sullen disposition with a quarrelsome temper, that I have the appearance of a person rather above my humble station, that I am a good girl with pliable nature and no harm is told of me, that I am cunning and devious, that I am soft in the head and little better than an idiot, and I wonder, how can I be all these different things at once?

I have been an inmate at the Kingston Penitentiary for 15 long years. I was convicted of murder when I was a young girl, though at the time, I thought of myself as a grown woman. Everyday I am brought to the governor’s house. They say I am there to do light housework. Though mostly I am there to be an object of curiosity. They stare without appearing to, out from under their bonnets. The reason they want to see me is that I am a celebrated murderess. For what has been written down. When I first saw it, I was surprised, because they say ‘celebrated singer’ and celebrated ‘poetess’ and celebrated ‘actress’, but what is there to celebrate about a murder? All the same, ‘murderess’ is a strong word to have attached to you. It has a smell to it, that word, musky and oppressive, like dead flowers in a vase. Sometimes at night, I whisper it over to myself: ‘Murderess! Murderess!’ It rustles like a taffeta skirt across the floor. ‘Murderer’ is merely brutal. It’s like a hammer, or a lump of metal. I’d rather be a murderess than a murderer, if those are the only choices.

(Traduction française à venir)

Court monologue pour femme extrait du premier épisode de la série Alias Grace (Captive en VF) diffusée sur Netflix. Voir aussi notre liste de textes et de scènes issus du théâtre, du cinéma et de la littérature (pour une audition, pour le travail ou pour le plaisir)

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